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Common Criminal Charges

•   Drug charges

•   Civil rights violations

•   Domestic violence

•   Probation violation

•   Driving offenses

•   DUIs/DWIs

•   License suspensions

•   White collar crime (all courts: state and federal)

Ms. Knight can represent you no matter where your case goes to trial. She's been sworn into the federal court in MA. If your case needs to be seen in the district, superior, or federal court, she will be with you every step of your legal journey.

FREE initial consultation up to 30 minutes.


$200 in-depth consulation.

Strong Representation in Criminal Cases

Criminal charges are brought up against you if you’ve been accused of committing a crime against society as a whole. The prosecution you’ll be subjected to will be from the state, who defends the public from perceived wrongs.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, you are probably aware of how serious your situation is. Choose a lawyer who will guide your through the entire ordeal with compassion and support. Empathetic towards her clients, you can still trust The Law Office of Judith C. Knight in Great Barrington, MA to be an advocate for your case in court.

Whether you're facing charges of a misdemeanor or felony, Judith C. Knight can represent you with tenacity.


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