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Common Family Law Matters

•   Divorce

•   Custody

•   Adoption

•   Child support

•   Spousal support

•   Orders of protection

•   Separation of property

If you're a grandparent who stepped in and took care of your grandchild for a time and who has since lost custody, you can turn to Ms. Knight for honest advice on your rights. Let her help you see your grandchildren again.

FREE initial consultation up to 30 minutes.


$200 in depth consulation.

A Family Law Attorney with a Heart

For the matters closest to your heart that are dragged into court, trust The Law Office of Judith C. Knight in Great Barrington, MA to defend your rights passionately. Legal matters housed under the “family law” heading are always going to be the most stressful because of the personal nature of the field.

Ms. Knight will stand by you through the entire process of pursing legal action for a matter covered by family law. When you come to her for answers, she won’t give you dry, factual answers. You can discuss your concerns anytime. Once you’ve retained

Ms. Knight, she will always be available to you via her cell phone. You will feel how welcomed you are to contact her with any questions at any time, and that comfort will translate to confidence in the court room.

When legal issues arise within a familial relationship, reach out to Ms. Knight.


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